BICOM Bioresonance Training for Practioners

Training is available in the whole of the UK. We offer the only training in United Kingdom accredited by the BICOM manufacturer, Regumed GmbH. This saves practitioners the cost of travelling to Germany.

Book now for Fulda Germany 2nd May to 12th May 2014 for the best training and time together

By Subject:

Therapy systematic using the patients’ and substances’ own frequency patterns in human medicine
Tensor Test Technique
Learning and applying the electro-acupuncture test technique
BICOM Combined Test Technique
Multisoft Test and Pilot
Degenerated cells

Qualifications in Bioresonance

Secure a Diploma in Bioregulatory Medicine
Course is starting January 2014, the BICOM will be used in 2 sections of the course. Download the prospectus and application form by clicking the logo.

New Technologies

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