Real life accounts from therapists and patients

Chronic disorders cured or alleviated with Bicom Bioresonance


Allergies / Asthma / Bronchitis / ENT

Patients suffering multiple allergies and unable to work
“I no longer have an allergic reaction to cats”
Fireman rescued from severe asthma
Help with asthma
Hannes is able to breathe deeply and freely again
For more than 10 years extreme allergic reactions with severe shortness of breath
Permanent cold and watering eyes for months with occasional shortness of breath
40-year-old woman suffered for 25 years from a runny nose and watering eyes
Chronic nasal mucous membrane inflammation

Considerable health problems since the age of 2: sensitivity to chemicals
Children with chesty night-time coughs

Eye inflammations caused by allergies, viruses or bacteria

General/infectious diseases/warts/stomach/intestine
For 10 years his hands were covered in coarse warts
Mononucleosis and its consequences
Migraines with acute nausea and vomiting
Crohn’s disease
Improved liver values
Decades of suffering from ice-cold feet

Breast inflammation, blocked milk ducts and suppurating nipples
From mycosis treatment to endometriosis therapy
Childless for so long - then finally a baby!
Happy patient: from PAP IIId to PAP II
From PAP IVa to PAP II Decision to choose alternative medicine
For years recurring inflammations in the vagina and in the true pelvis

Unable to work, with mobility problems caused by extremely inflamed and painful legs
Extreme skin reddening on the face for 20 years
Neurodermatitis in its worst form
Baby with persistent skin rash
Skin rashes: for 10 years suppurating pustules all over body

Treating AD(H)S with the BICOM
Hyperactive and permanently full of cold

Musculoskeletal system / Neurology
Serious complications after the birth
Sudeck’s disease and periostitis
Rheumatism and osteochondrosis
Rapid and lasting improvement not only in cases of arthrosis, but also for sports’ injuries
Post-Herpes zoster neuralgia
In 124 cases of herniated discs: bioresonance instead of operating
Brain paralysis treated
Epilepsy in an infant

Back pain
Successfully treating pain
82-year-old patient experiencing pain
Acute pain and oedema

High temperature and bacteria in the urine
Help with incontinence following a prostate operation
An end to recurring urinary tract infections

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