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Parasites cause most known conditions and can be eliminated with bioresonance Hayfever & Allergies
allergy treatment with bioresonance Cancer
Cancer therapy using bioresonance Depression
Treating depression using bioresonance therapy Smoking
Quit smoking using bicom bioresonance Weight Gain
Lose weight using bioresonance electronic acupuncture Electronic Smog
Clear effects of electronic smog using bioresonance Asthma
Alternative treatment for asthma using bioresonance Digestive
Curing digestive tract problems with bioresonance Skin problems
Sort skin problems with bioresonance Gastro-intestinal disorders
Gastro intestinal problems can be cured with bioresonance Auto Immune diseases
bioresonance and auto immune diseases Infectious diseases
Protect yourself from infectious disease with bioresonance Neurological disorders
Neurological problems and infectious disease Dental
Dental problems can be treated with bioresonance Pain
Pain therapy using bicom bioresonance Sports Injury
Alternative theraphy for sports injuries MigraineAlternative theraphy for sports injuries Lyme

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Bioresonance Testing Machine - Bicom Bio resonance Treatment Devices

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Bicom UK are the sole distributors in the UK & Ireland for the Bicom range of bioresonance machines manufactured by Regumed in Germany. But what is Bioresonance therapy?

If you are seriously ill then you need to consult your local health professionals but in addition, a growing number of people in the UK are discovering the benefits of bio resonance therapy. There are thousands of real accounts where patients have become frustrated with conventional medicine and the ability to quickly diagnose their conditions that can testify to the effectiveness of the treatment and diagnosis. With over 16,000 Bicom devices sold worldwide there are now many holistic practitioners who are treating people on a daily basis with conditions such as depression, hayfever, allergies, digestive and skin problems along with many other conditions.

We are faced on a daily basis with an increasing amount of enviromental stressors and pathogens, some of which have become resistant to antibiotics. Parasites have been known to cause many of the conditions we experience not only as humans but our pets also suffer with infestations. Bioresonance testing machines have been used to try and eliminate these invaders without drugs. Cancer patients have been supported along with conventional treatment with ground breaking results. Even challenging conditions such as depression and addictions where so much more is involved, bioresonance has proved very effective as you will see in the following pages. As a result of this success more and more therapists, doctors, vets and dentists are turning to this effective and non-invasive alternative medicine therapy. Reson8 are proud to represent the world’s leading manufacturer of Bioresonance testing and treatment machines, the Bicom by Regumed.

The websites explains more about bio-resonance, its history, bioresonance testing, how it works, are there side-effects and why you may not have heard about it. It can be complicated to explain to those without an understanding of Biophysics but we have many supporting documents and videos for you to review, please read this following explanation on bio-resonance and how it works with other things we are familiar with. If you are interested in purchasing a Bicom bioresonance treatment machine then please visit the products page.

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About Bicom
The BICOM bioresonance therapy device (BRT), manufactured by Regumed GmbH in Germany, uses the BRT principle. Bioresonance was originally defined in 1987 by Hans Brügemann as therapy using oscillations (electromagnetic frequency patterns) taken from the body and from substances. It became well-known in 1991 for the success of paediatrician Dr Peter Schumacher in reducing or eliminating symptoms associated with substances in the patient's environment.

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Ebola - possible treatment
"Virus's have been treated very successfully by 14,000 practitioners worldwide which raises the question - Could bioresonance be used to test for and treat the Ebola virus?"
Drug Company Bribes Doctors
"The sales force bribed physicians to prescribe GSK products using every imaginable form of high-priced entertainment, from Hawaiian vacations [and] paying doctors millions of dollars to go on speaking tours, to tickets to Madonna concerts,"
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